My name is Hannah, and I’m a pre-vet student at UC Davis studying marine science. I love animals, and my dream for the future is to work with wildlife at a zoo or aquarium. I have a particular interest in aquatic animals, and I work part-time at my school’s aquaculture facility caring for koi, sturgeon, and other research fish.

At home, I have four cats: Scamper, Jinx (pictured), Maka, and King Bumi. I also have a small colony of zebra isopods, if they count as pets. Additionally, I work with Northern California Herpetological Society as a foster parent, so I usually have a few snakes and geckos in my care.

Outside of work, I am an avid scuba diver and enjoy taking weekends to explore the kelp forests along the California coast. I enjoy sketching, video games, and dragging strings around the house for my cats to chase.

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